Compassionate Living on an Island out to Sea


A Cut Above, 13 Macy Lane, (508) 228-4288

Therese, owner of A Cut Above, is also an independent seller of Arbonne products. She has products

at the salon and can also custom-order for you.

Annye’s Whole Foods, 14 Amelia Drive, 508-228-4554

Offers the largest selection of cruelty-free supplements, skin and hair care products, and earth-friendly

cleaning supplies.


There are several independent local sellers of Arbonne products. Anastasia is on island and can be reached at

Driftaway Soap

Made right here on Nantucket with vegan and organic products, soaps, speciality soaps and shampoo bars, with no chemicals or additives.


Sells vegan healing herbal creams/oils/lip balm at Nantucket’s Farmer’s Market during the summer and online.

Beyond our Shores

Luminance Skin Care. Raw, vegan, cruelty-free, NO toxic ingredients! Beautiful packaging.

PeTA has an extensive list of companies that do and do not test on animals, and they keep it updated.

The Leaping Bunny lists all cruelty-free beauty products.


Part of compassionate living is using products that don’t harm animals in their making. Many cosmetic companies do NOT test their products on animals in painful, deadly processes.

Some of these “cruelty-free” products can be found here on Nantucket.