Dining Out

Compassionate Living on an Island out to Sea

29 Fair, 29 Fair Street, 508-257-4577

Let them know you are coming and the chef will prepare something amazing. See the review here.

AckThaiHouse, 118 Old South Road, 508-680-1522

AckThaiHouse has take out as well as a small dining room. Seaweed salad, veggie rolls, green salads, and all the usual Thai dishes made with either Tofu or just veggies are all good vegan options. Be sure to ask for no egg in your fried rice or Pad Thai and don’t order any of the dishes that contain “egg noodles.” 

Atlas, 130 Pleasant Street, 508-825-5495

There are plenty of sides and small dishes here to create your own vegan meal. Crispy udon pancake, the power salad, olive plate, home-made bread, fingerling potatoes, roasted veggies. We especially liked the roasted eggplant baba ghanouj (just ask them to hold the yoghurt and honey) and the shisito peppers. For an entree, they offer a Ramen bowl.

Black Eyed Susan’s, 10 India Street, 508-325-0308

Their menu includes breakfast scrambles that can be made with tofu. Some of their salads could easily be made vegan. See the review here.

Boarding House/The Pearl, 21 Federal Street, 508-228-9622

The owner reports that both restaurants have vegan guests and vegetarian or vegan

offerings on the menus.

Center Street Bistro, 29 Centre Street , 508-228-8470

Great outdoor patio for dining in the summer months and a cute and cozy dining room for the rest of the year. Breakfast includes a tofu scramble and for lunch there is a tofu stir fry. Tofu Pad Thai is the vegan option here for dinner. And it’s BYOB so you know your wine is vegan.

Dune, 20 Broad Street, 508-228-5550

Dune offers a vegan tasting plate that is available as an appetizer or an entree, and it changes nightly. They are also happy to vegan-prepare any of their appetizers! They do not require you to call ahead, either. Just pop in, mention you are a vegan and see what they can do for you!

Met on Main, 38 Main Street, 508-325-5111

Several items on the menu are vegan, and others they are happy to veganize. Try the Cauliflower Two Ways (without the mayo), the Green Guru salad (they can add tofu and substitute the dressing), and the Truffle Fries. The Sizzling Rice Bowl, minus the fired egg, is vegan-friendly, too. It’s a cozy and comfortable atmosphere inside, but if it’s warm outside, ask for the patio and sit under the stars, trees, and twinkle lights. See review here.

Millie’s, 326 Madaket Road, 508-228-8435

Though they offer beautiful sunsets, that’s about all a vegan is going to get here. You have to get pretty creative or eat chips and salsa. It’s also incredibly loud. See review here.

The Nautilus, 12 Cambridge Street, 508-228-0301

Not a vegan’s dream restaurant, but the wait staff is knowledgeable about what can be made vegan--several of the small plates are vegan or can be veganized. I recently had the dandan noodles (on the dinner menu) without the pork: delish, but only for lovers of spicy-hot food! The mushrooms on the plancha were also very good. Wicked crowded, so get a reservation.

Pi Pizza, 11 W. Creek Road, 508-228-1130

Love the atmosphere here—slightly dimmed lighting, a lot of dark woods, a fireplace, warm and cozy. The pizza crust here is vegan so order a cheeseless pizza with mushrooms, onions and spinach (or whatever they’ve got that day for fresh veggies) and a small starter salad. The pizza is excellent, with a very thin crust and is cooked in a wood-fired oven so the texture is perfect! The appetizer salad is also very tasty with balsamic vinaigrette. They have an Antipasti appetizer on the menu with various vegan marinated items (sounds yummy), and a couple of pasta dishes with marinara.

Proprietors Bar and Table, 9 India Street, 508- 228-7477

Though this restaurant earned a VN star last year. . . they’ve changed their menu. You’d be hard pressed to find something to eat that’s vegan now. I’d recommend you call ahead, because if they’re busy, they’re sometimes unwilling to “veganize” the dishes. 

The Rose and Crown, 23 South Water Street, 508-228-2595

This pub, right in the heart of downtown, surprised us all with many items on the menu that are easily made vegan. Their veggie burger is vegan (but get it on the chiabatta), they offer a kale salad, a veggie wrap, and a pasta primavera (ask for no cheese), all in a casual environment with reasonable prices! See review here.

*Sea Grille, 45 Sparks Avenue, 508-325-5700

The SeaGrille has always been one of my favorite restaurants on the island, if not my hands-down favorite. It is always a consistently delicious meal, and I’ve never been disappointed. Since becoming a vegan I have been to the Seagrille 5 times. The first time I planned (as usual) to just order a large salad sans the cheese, but the waitress asked me if I would like the chef to make me a vegan pasta dish. So of course I said yes! And that was the start of my excellent experiences at the SeaGrille as a vegan. The next 4 times I called ahead to let them know I was coming and each time there was a delicious spread placed before me: Roasted veggies over pasta with olive oil, portobello mushrooms stacked like burger buns with sautéed veggies in between, roasted white beans with tomatoes and spinach served in an iron skillet and even tempura mushrooms served as an appetizer once. Call ahead to let them know you are coming and be surprised by what the chef creates for you! See the review here. Recommend.

Siam to Go, 1 Backus Lane, 508-228-7426

Excellent Thai food take out with many veggie and vegan options. BUT ASK. You have to let them know you want it vegan and they will omit the fish sauce, which otherwise is in just about everything on the menu. Tofu or veggie Pad Thai or fried rice (just ask for no egg). Fresh rolls, veggie Kung Fu basil, veggie drunken noodles, etc. There are many curry options, but be sure to ask whether they include fish sauce before ordering.

Sophie T’s, 7 Dave’s Street, 508-325-6265

Sophie T’s is a pizza place. However, all of the crust has egg whites in it, so no pizza for you! The one vegan item they do have is their dynamite thai veggie wrap with peanut sauce. Some of the salads can be veganized, as their Balsamic dressing and glaze are vegan.

Sushi By Yoshi, 2 East Chestnut Street, 508-228-1801

This sweet little take-out or dine-in Japanese restaurant is one of my “go-to” places for sure!  Veggie rolls, seaweed salad, edamame. Also, I recently asked and they do NOT use egg when making their tempura, so the tempura veggie rolls are fine, too! They often have delicious veggie tempura roll specials. I am addicted to their yaki soba! Their miso soup is NOT vegan.(Note: you may want to read this article about how impossible it is to find sushi that is vegan.)

Town, 4 Chestnut Street, 508-325-8696

Town’s menu actually states that they have a Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten-Free option nightly. I still called ahead and was NOT disappointed! I had the option of a mixed green salad or a veggie sushi roll for an appetizer, and for an entrée I was offered either a cheeseless pizza with various veggie toppings or a sautéed veggie dish over jasmine rice in a coconut broth. I opted for the latter and it was awesome! I told the waitress several times and recommended it be added to their regular menu. See the review here.

Beyond Our Shores

*Green Lotus Cafe, 349 Main Street, Hyannis, (508) 775-1067

This cafe right on the main drag in Hyannis is vegan, vegetarian and raw!! Sandwiches, salads, muffins, and cookies. If you are traveling through Hyannis (and how can you avoid it?), stop in. Though they’ve just recently changed ownership, the new owners have promised to keep the vegan and vegetarian menu. Highly recommend.