Feeling Peckish? Coffee, Juice, Snacks

Compassionate Living on an Island out to Sea

45 Surfside Bakery and Cafe, 45 Surfside Road, 617-828-3058

The best cupcake I’ve ever had is just one of the vegan offerings at the newly opened 45 Surfside Bakery. However, these must now must be special ordered : (. If you want lunch, there are homemade potato chips and a butternut squash sandwich that I will try soon and one vegan salad. Eat in or take out.

The Bean, 4 India Street, 508-228-6215

A fun downtown coffee shop, they now make soups and sandwiches on site. They have one vegan and one vegetarian option. They offer Raw Revolution bars and other vegan pre-packaged snacks, fresh fruit and organic juices. Soy and almond milk are available for your coffee drinks, as well as Agave Syrup to sweeten it up!

The Corner Table, 28 Federal Street, 508-228-COOK (2665)

Offers both pre-packaged foods to grab and go and selected menu items to eat in. On the day I went, the salads included quinoa (two kinds), veggie salads in a jar, farro, beet, a slaw, and a cauliflower/brussels sprout salad. There were 2 vegan soups (tomato and butternut squash), too. They also serve espresso (their mochas are not vegan). The cafe is open 7am to 9pm.

Espresso to Go, 1 Toombs Court, 508-228-6930 and Fast Forward, 117 Orange Street, 508-228-5807

Both of these take-out coffee shops offer a changing selection of bars like Lara Bars, Halo ‘Smores bars, righteously raw chocolates & caramel bars, raw revolution bites, ProBars, and Beanitos, Food Should Taste Good and Late July chips. They also have a sesame noodle salad that is vegan (and yummy!). Check their lunch selection for the day, because sometimes their soups are vegan—any veggie soup is vegan. They offer soy and almond milks for their coffee drinks, organic juices and there is always fresh fruit available!


In the summer months, Kaity Farrell has a table at the Farmers’ Market selling homemade vegan baked goods, raw foods (chocolates, coconut macaroons), fruit preserves, pickled veggies, mustards, sprouts and wheatgrass, herbs, spices, teas, healing herbal creams/oils/lip balm, and flowers/produce from her garden. Be sure to check out their Creme Drops, which are vegan ice cream truffles: a home-made coconut/soy based vegan ice cream coated in rich dark chocolate.

Fresh Nantucket, 5 Salem Street, 508-825-2100

Hours: 7am-8pm (Hours subject to change off-season)

A one-stop-shop located in town near the Hyline docks offering sandwiches, salads and specialty foods. They use locally produced ingredients whenever seasonally possible from island farms and purveyors, such as Bartlett Farms and Sayles Seafood. Vegan options are available, including one vegan sandwich, several salads, and several salads that could easily be

veganized without the cheese.

*The Green, 5 West Creek Road, 508-228-1100

This is by far the best place on Nantucket to be assured of something vegan every day!

Vegan wraps every weekday that are quite varied in their ingredients and always tasty

and satisfying (and HUGE). Some of their bagels are vegan (they keep a list). They do

occasionally have vegan soups and quesadillas. For sweets, they might have homemade

vegan brownies that are amazing—very chocolaty, with a slight crispness on the outside

and gooey moist goodness on the inside. Many days there is a vegan muffin or scone as

well. They also have a selection of prepackaged snacks that are vegan and organic. Not

to mention fresh fruit smoothies, fresh juices and wheat grass shots! Their vegan breakfast sandwich is available any time of day. Think avocado, kale and absolute deliciousness!

The Hub, 35 Main Street, 508-325-0200

The Hub now has coffee and espresso. They also have fresh smoothies, some with fruit and veggies, some with just fruit, and all can be made vegan with soy milk. Be sure to ask if they have a vegan soup, as sometimes they have vegan chili.

The Juice Bar, 12 Broad Street, 508-228-5799

The Juice bar is the summer favorite for ice cream. And this year they have been

experimenting with many flavors of dairy-free ice cream: chocolate peanut butter,

strawberry chocolate chip, and blackberry chip to name a few. It’s hit or miss, but if

you hit it right, it’s a hit!

Nativ Made,10 Broad Street, 508-228-0282

They offer a great kale salad! An earth bowl that is vegan, tabouli, hummus, and guacamole. Also organic, cold-pressed juices.

Provisions, 3 Harbor Square, Straight Wharf, 508-228-3258

Find them right behind the Gazebo next to the Hyannis ferry terminal.

On their healthier side:                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Something Natural, 50 Cliff Road, 508-228-0504

Open Daily 8:00am -3:30pm throughout the summer

For fresh bread and big sandwiches, hit up Something Natural. Their Whole Wheat, French, Pumpernickel and Rye have no dairy, eggs or honey. For sandwiches try the Sprouts, Veggie & Hummus; Sprouts, Veggie & Avocado or the PB & J. You could also create your own veggie sandwich. Order a sandwich, but remember that a half is really a whole and a whole is a WHOLE LOT of sandwich!

Beyond Our Shores

Pain D’ Avignon’s Vegan Breads

Both Annye’s and the Bean here on island sell the breads and treats of Pain D’ Avignon of Hyannis. Many islanders stop at the cafe on their way to or from the island. It’s good to know that most of their delicious breads are vegan!

“All of our bread, EXCEPT our Brioche, Cheese and Whole Wheat, can be considered vegan as they don’t contain any eggs, dairy, meat or honey.”