Compassionate Living on an Island out to Sea


Many of us who think about where our food comes from forget to think about where our clothes come from. Leather is obvious, but wool, down and silk clothing and accessories might also harm animals in the making. Vegan clothing lines are becoming more popular every day. Stella McCartney and Rebecca Minkoff are two designers who have either completely vegan or partially vegan lines of clothing and accessories.

On Nantucket, you can find vegan wear, too.

Vis-a-Vis, 35 Main Street, 508-228-5527

Great vegan handbags and wallets.

Handlebar Cafe, 15 Washington Street, 508.367.1976

Now selling eco-friendly wallets made from recycled bicycle tires.

Beyond Our Shores

PeTA has a list of vegan clothing sites. 

Alternative Outfitters has clothes, shoes, bags and other vegan merchandise.